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Lansing Vocal Performer Navigates COVID-19 To Perform Outdoor Show In Old Town (

"Sarah decided to name the rescheduled engagement Quantum Harmonies. “I am fascinated by the universe. There is a definite rhythmic and harmonic flow in the motion of the universe,” said Wallace. In addition to Sarah performing, Quantum Harmonies will also feature a variety of other artists as well including professional pianist, Liudmila Bondar, and professional violinist & viola player, Dilek Engin-Stolarchuk. Guest artists will include professional instrumentalist & trumpet player Jordan Lopez, poets Ruelaine Stokes & Jeremy Hurt, and scratch artist Matthew Jacob McCoy. Wallace continued, "I see each artist as a unique shining star dancing to the rhythmic beat of their own heart, and in-turn, lighting up the world with their own special fire!”'

The Artist's Umbrella gives performance artists a new creative outlet (


"For the first time in the collective's history, an opera singer will take the stage Wednesday night. Sarah Wallace, a professional opera singer, will perform four pieces, one of which being "Summertime" from George Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess."

"I want to give access for people to hear this type of music because a lot of people have the idea of (opera) being out of their price range or have a stereotypical idea of how opera singers look and perform," explained Wallace."

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*In regard to the above article, Sarah started performing at the age of 3, the above article states 8. She was in her first professional opera at the age of 5 in Minnesota. She was in a professional tour at the age of 7 prior to continuing her performance career. Additionally, Dressed in Black was an original song of the band members in Rival Faction.

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