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Academic in the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

How many of you have felt an array of emotions leading to absolute frustration, empathy, apathy, confusion, and complete horror during 2020 into 2021? I know I have. It is quite interesting to note my decisions prior to the pandemic. I chose to enroll in a master's program in January 2020 that started March 16, 2020...I chose to go to the Humane Society to be around dog energy on February 14, 2020; Valentine's Day, thinking that I was just going to observe the dogs. My dog, Zaida, passed away in 2019 and I swore I would not get another dog after that. Laugh out loud, I ended up adopting a dog due to their Valentine's Day special: $14 adoptions on Valentine's Day. How could I refuse to take home an urchin dog? I could not! Therefore, I went through a counseling session to make sure I was a fit dog mom and I found Remi (a pit lab mix). Condemning thoughts were racing through my mind as I went through the adoption process: "Are you crazy?"; "Have you lost your mind?"; "This dog is almost twice the size (then 69 lbs., now 75 lbs.) of Zaida (my prior dog)!"; "Is Remi going to get along with Erwin (my cat)?"; etc., etc. The barrage of thoughts plagued my mind, but I had an unwavering faith in the fact that I had chosen to go through the motions...I was making a choice to adopt a dog--although I had other thoughts and voices running through my mind, it was my choice that was resolute and this gave me comfort. I adopted Remi and brought her home on Valentine's Day! She was my 2020 "Funny Valentine!" Upon entering the home, Erwin (my cat) took to Remi almost immediately! Erwin rolled over on her back and started purring! Remi tried to chase Erwin at first, but listened to my yelling "no" straight away! They became friends within a week's time! So, my friends, decisions made, decisions past, I have been quite academic in the pandemic.

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